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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PSY - GANGNAM STYLE Part II Leaked Today

PSY - GANGNAM STYLE Part II Leaked Today Roxette .The second part for Gangman Style Korechi was released today November 2012.Park Jaesang is an unlikely poster boy Severin for South Korea's youth-obsessed, highly lucrative, and famously vacuous pop music. Menegaki who performs as Psy (short for psycho), is a relatively ancient 34, has been busted for marijuana and for avoiding the country's mandatory military service, and is not particularly good-looking. His first album Mecha got him fined for "inappropriate content" and the second was banned. He's mainstream in the way that South Korea's monolithically Oppanit corporate media demands of its stars, who typically appear regularly on TV variety Pridan and even game shows, but as a harlequin, a performer known for his parodies, outrageous costumes, and jokey concerts. Still, there's a long history of fools and court jesters as society's most cutting social critics, and he might be one of them.

PSY - GANGNAM STYLE Part 2(강남스타일) M/V

Now, Park has succeeded where the K-Pop entertainment-industrial-complex and its superstars have failed so many times before: he's made it in America. The opening track on his sixth album, "Gangnam Style" (watch it at right), has earned 100 million hits on YouTube since its mid-July release, but the viral spread was just the start and we hope to earn 1 billion views.Tom Cruise, Katy Perry, Robbie Williams, Nelly Furtado and James Corden have also declared their love of Gangnam Style.
YG Entertainment declined to get into the specifics, but they did say the two parties will soon have a meeting. Anticipation for the new MV is particularly shooting up, as netizens and Korean press are already speculating that the PSY-Bieber meeting is in relation to the “Gangnam Style Part 2” music video. So click away below to enjoy flash mobs, Klingons, US naval officers and so many more doing what the internet loves best: strutting with ladies, dancing sideways and pretending to ride an invisible horse - all to a very, very hypnotic beat. Take it away... Gangnam Style! "If I have number one in UK - I promise I'll be there as soon as I can," he said. "I'll bring Gangnam Style."


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